SpiroFlo: Biofilm Removal

For a quick 101 on biofilm, see here.

Visible Biofilm

Biofilm is bacteria that grows wherever there is water. As it pollutes all water sources and several chemical processes, this is a contaminant that cannot be ignored. 


Although current treatments—consisting of increased concentrations of chlorine and monochloramine—are ineffective, it's what the industries have to work with, save expensive and often uneconomic proprietary chemical treatments. As a result of this, a large, multinational corporation purchased and tested the SpiroFlo device in removing biofilm. Without using any chemicals, the patented SpiroFlo device took the biofilm content in the water from "too many to count" to less than 100 parts per million, a number means statistically zero. However, as SpiroFlo is a mechanical device with no moving parts, it can still be used in conjunction with chemicals and can improve their effectiveness by keeping them suspended longer for better pipe coverage. In other applications, this technology has reduced chemical treatments down to 50% of previous use.



Tornado Formation

The SpiroFlo device creates a tornado in a pipe. As the stable, spiraling flow sheers around the boundary layer of the pipe—the area most chemicals miss and therefore where biofilm grows—it scrapes the biofilm from the pipeline wall and deposits any chemical solution being used more effectively. These biofilm still need to be flushed out or neutralized (with options like ozone or UV sterilization) before they reattach downstream, but free-floating bacteria is far easier to treat.

The SpiroFlo device requires no additional power source (making it cost-effective) and has no moving parts, meaning there's nothing to wear out and nothing to maintain. Installed directly in the pipe to combat biofilm problem areas, the spiraling flow is stable and can pass through bends, elbows, and changes in pipe size and elevation. 

For more basic info on SpiroFlo and biofilm see here.


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For more on how the SpiroFlo device works, see here