About Ecotechnology, Ltd.

Ecotech believes that America has given us good opportunities, so as a company we choose to keep our parts and labor--the good opportunities we can provide--inside the United States.

Ecotech Personnel

Alan Miller is President of the Corporation. Scottish by birth, but American by choice, Alan directs the operations of Ecotech and is one of the patent holders of the Ecotech technology.

Daniel Danner is Vice President of Marketing and also oversees project engineering and installation.

Darin Lane serves as Vice President of Engineering. Darin works for Ecotech on a contract basis and has specific responsibility for new technology designs. Darin is one of the Ecotech patent holders.

Evelyn Miller is the Office Manager of Ecotech and will most likely be the friendly voice you hear when you call our corporate offices.

Colin McKay Miller is the Marketing Manager and is responsible for sales, marketing, distribution, promotional materials and oversight of the website. Colin is often the initial contact at Ecotech.

For More Information

Sales - sales@ecotechsystems.com
Products - info@ecotechsystems.com
Corporate - amiller@ecotechsystems.com
Engineering - ddanner@ecotechsystems.com