Value-Added Partners

Ecotech operates in partnership with licensors and distributors of its technology.


Ecotech has granted exclusive license to SpiroFlo™ in the area of liquid transportation. Applying the same engineering principles as the EcoVeyor™, the SpiroFlo device shapes turbulent liquid flow into a spiraling flow with very stable characteristics and operational efficiencies.

In a two-phase liquid-gas mix, bubbles of gas are drawn to the center of the spinning vortex and travel inside the air envelope in a stable and organized flow, separate from the spiraling liquids. In single-phase liquid applications, the fluids spiral through the pipeline, thereby reducing drop-out and residue build-up.

SpiroFlo technology also provides solutions for the chemical processing markets. SpiroFlo can be used to evacuate processing lines of residual solids, liquids or bacteria (including biofilms) and offers significant operational savings when compared to traditional methods of steam and water removal.

The SpiroFlo technology can also be utilized in the following applications:

  • Continuous mixing of liquids, liquids-solids and liquids-gases
  • Emulsification or homogenization of liquids
  • Separation of liquids, liquids-solids and liquids-gases
  • Pumping of liquids, liquids-solids and liquids-gases

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Oil and Natural Gas

Ecotech sells into oil and gas markets through its strategic partnership with VortexFlow. Over 1,250 successful installations are using the Ecotech Systems technology; with benefits including increased fluids production and lower pressure drop in flow-lines. For more information go to

Inorganic Solids

In the industrial/specialty chemical markets, the Ecotech System is used as a transportation, drying and conditioning system.

With increasing energy costs, Ecotech is working to optimize the mechanical dewatering and conditioning attributes of the system.

The Ecotech System is a cost-effective solution to the problems of product degradation and line wear in detergents, soda ash, and specialty chemical markets.

Distributor Network

Ecotech is currently developing a distributor network for its technology in domestic U.S. markets. For more information on distributorship opportunities, contact Ecotech at or by phone at 1-877-883-2517.