Ecoveyor conveying.jpg

The Ecotech System is used for the conveying of granular solids (including coal, potash, and soda ash). The patented EcoVeyor™ has no moving parts, meaning there’s nothing to wear out, nothing to maintain.

In granular solids conveying applications, the EcoVeyor™ develops an organized and shaped flow to travel in a “boundary layer” of the pipe. This cushions the product, thereby reducing line wear while maintaining product integrity (instead of having it tumble, break down, and/or stick along the pipeline wall). In addition, material is separated by density (on discharge) and operational costs are kept low, with smaller blowers and lower energy costs than traditional pneumatic conveying systems. 


Note: SpiroFlo uses the trade names Ecotech Systems and EcoVeyor for solids conveying and non-thermal drying applications.