Non-Thermal Drying

EcoVeyor 8 inch - distance view of total vertical 2.jpg

The Ecotech System is used for cost-effective non-thermal drying in numerous markets—including biosolids, coal, dairy waste, sugar beets, and other agriculture markets—at less than a tenth the cost of conventional thermal drying methods. The patented EcoVeyor™ has no moving parts, meaning there’s nothing to wear out, nothing to maintain. Industries serviced include minerals processing, agricultural, recycling, ecological, and energy markets.

In drying applications, the EcoVeyor™ mechanically dewaters solids by coupling the oscillating spiral of its proprietary flow with either no or low-grade heat (150° F—typically found on-site). This non-thermal drying method is a mechanical and uses significantly less energy than thermal drying methods, coming in at less than one-tenth the cost. In all applications, the Ecotech System operates at low pressures and reduces friction while increasing velocities.


Note: SpiroFlo uses the trade names Ecotech Systems and EcoVeyor for solids conveying and non-thermal drying applications.